Trailer Trash

I’m just a simple guy who likes getting trailers directly from the nice marketing people who make them.

The YouTube channels listed here contain a good number of upcoming movie trailers but none are what I’d consider an “official source” for that kind of video. Some simply re-upload videos from elsewhere without providing additional content. Others add their own branding and bling, but it’s basically just a copy of the official video with minor alterations. A few create fake trailers and title them in potentially confusing ways.

I bear no ill will toward any YouTuber, which is why I included legit links to each channel so you can check ‘em out for yourself. A diverse Internet is a healthy Internet.

Please contact me if you think I’ve mis-categorized something here.

9 Media avatar 9 Media UCwBV-eg1dAkzrdjqJfyEj0w
Cieon Movies avatar Cieon Movies CieonMovies
Cinema for Kids avatar Cinema for Kids UC5NBNpeVBTtwaE11ubpnj1w
Epic MovieClips avatar Epic MovieClips UCTOpfTj1HAqr82a3gDZc1CQ
FilmIsNow Movie Trailers avatar FilmIsNow Movie Trailers filmisnow
FilmIsNow Family Movie Trailers avatar FilmIsNow Family Movie Trailers FilmIsNowEU
FilmSelect Espanol avatar FilmSelect Espanol UCEakdPLL42qApJnoeWCwo2Q
FilmSelect Trailer avatar FilmSelect Trailer UCT0hbLDa-unWsnZ6Rjzkfug
FilmTrailerZone avatar FilmTrailerZone FilmTrailerZone
Furious Trailer avatar Furious Trailer UCWOSgEKGpS5C026lY4Y4KGw
HDMovieTrailerscom avatar HDMovieTrailerscom HDMovieTrailerscom
hollywoodstreams avatar hollywoodstreams hollywoodstreams
JoBlo Movie Trailers avatar JoBlo Movie Trailers UCRX7UEyE8kp35mPrgC2sosA
JoBlo TV Show Trailers avatar JoBlo TV Show Trailers joblotvtrailers
Movie Company avatar Movie Company UCkPHEZsr_LzadbcsDUtMcjg
Movie Trailers Source avatar Movie Trailers Source UCpJN7kiUkDrH11p0GQhLyFw
Movieclips Coming Soon avatar Movieclips Coming Soon MovieclipsCOMINGSOON
Movieclips Trailers avatar Movieclips Trailers movieclipsTRAILERS
Movie Trailer Locker avatar Movie Trailer Locker UCKxxxKfqv6yf_vURoWik7Mw
MovieTrailers Entertainment avatar MovieTrailers Entertainment UCO2EFMFF07y9BikFGKGIlkw
New Trailers Buzz avatar New Trailers Buzz NewTrailersBuzz
Official Trailers Zone avatar Official Trailers Zone UC13ETuIRLcejynMYPkxPiLA
ONE Media avatar ONE Media movietrailers
Rapid Trailer avatar Rapid Trailer ProlaxCinema
Smasher avatar Smasher TrolleySmasher
Trailers Play avatar Trailers Play Raiatt
TrailersPlaygroundHD avatar TrailersPlaygroundHD TrailersPlaygroundHD
Viral MEDIA avatar Viral MEDIA UCDeZ02gvPBuXQ0JU-a_6LwQ
Zero Media avatar Zero Media UCuuU2L90sqhQahV1IkhCPaQ
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