What's All This?

Yeah, it's just a list of stuff, a catch-all for miscellaneous projects in various stages of completeness. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

Actors Appearing in DC and Marvel Movies

The list of actors who’ve worked in both Marvel- and DC-related feature films is longer than you might think!

Find yourself a hero

Animated GIFs

Do you like a little motion in your images?

Get loopy

Arrowverse Episode List Watch Order

The CW DC shows should be viewed in an orderly fashion.

Binge responsibly

Bloomington, Indiana Road Trip, Sep 2019

The Jerry Hancocks I & II made a quick trip to the edge of Indiana University Bloomington.

Ride along

Captain America: Civil War’s Purposely Broken Dialog

Heroes are sometimes super-grammatically incorrect.

Why would they do …

Code Breaker

Sometimes switching between several different programming languages can cause confusion.

Remind yourself

Free Travel Guides

Side projects are like vacations from other side projects.

Get away from it all

Grandy’s Branding

Timeline of names, logos, taglines, and other marketing visuals and text from the history of Grandy’s restaurants.

And we couldn’t say it if it weren’t true.

Grandy’s Collection

Baubles, ephemera, and various whatnot from Grandy’s restaurants.

Look here. Don’t be chicken.

Image Manipulation

Every once in a while it’s fun to do something completely different, like graphic filters!

Picture what JD’s doing


Sometimes I make small movie posters. It’s not a big deal.

Enjoy the little things


Javascript isn’t bad, but sometimes it isn’t necessary either.

Delete some code


The journeys of our heroes are often quite similar.

Read the same old story

Pics! Pics! Pics!

Some projects call for quick little graphics, logos, etc. These are those.

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Rabbit Cream

Do you honestly know where the cream in your coffee comes from?

Read research from Roger Rabbit

Seattle Road Trip, Nov 2017

The Brothers Hancock™ made a quick trip to the Great Northwest.

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I have multiple neurological issues but no overall diagnosis. What’s up, Doc?

Examine JD’s abnormalities

Texas Armadillo Band Clippings

When was the Texas Armadillo Band mentioned in the newspaper?

Answer that question in two steps.

Trailer Trash

Are you the kind of movie lover who likes getting trailers directly from the nice marketing people who make them?

View the videos JD won’t

Video8 - List of Prerecorded 8mm Video Movies

Back in the 90’s videophiles found their favorite films sold on cassettes the size of a pack of cards.

Find forgotten movie media

Yummy Caesar Salads in the Austin Area

What did the Roman emperor shout when the mean girl stole his salad? “Seize her!”

Lettuce begin
Many of the photos above came from Unsplash.
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